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A baby arrives


Sometimes the arrival of your baby leaves you in such in a state of wonder that you find it difficult to get the surrounding environment organised. If this happens to you, remember that order and good things can also come from chaos. Cherish the time your arms are wrapped around your baby and think deeply about your child, conveying your feelings in order to create a bond.

Every person who comes into this world will experience and progress through life as a result of the situations that life puts before them, whatever they may be. Don’t blame yourself for things out of your control, its impossible for everything to be perfect.

Your baby may turn out to be a gift that feels wanted and longed for from the beginning and who accompanies you throughout your life.

It is a privilege to carry a person inside you, especially when it is someone truly compatible to you. A kind of symbiosis and sharing is created that you miss when it ends.

The baby develops through your thoughts and emotions, so it is important to take care of yourself during these months. Rest assured that you are in a privileged state.

If you are not feeling well, try to connect with your baby every day anyway, because it is not his or her fault.

Pregnancy can be an uphill struggle, but it is a temporary situation with a happy ending. Allow yourself to be pampered by others.
You are a hopeful, expectant mother, so be conscious and aware of the positive moments you experience and transmit them to your baby.


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