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When we celebrate Christmas we mark the original Nativity, an event that is repeated with every new birth.

It is a moment of great joy. It is a simple moment that touches many women.

The light of the star is shared by all families and helps people understand each other and pass that on. It is not only a material moment but also a sharing on many levels.

It is always good to have an example, humbleness in the midst of importance. I hear the dulcet tones of both the Mother and the Father’s voice. The baby grows and is rocked in its cradle with the sounds of their voices and surrounded by sensitivity.

Sometimes children are born burdened with harmful wounds and that makes them not meet their parents’ ideals. There is no such thing as perfection, but a child who is full of virtues will be easier to love and will develop from simpler beginnings.

However, the most rewarding love is the one that takes the greatest sacrifice to give. The effort you make will bear its fruits in a more tension-free life.


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