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El duelo tras el trauma - Fundación eCare Acompaña por Elisabeth d'Ornano

Grief After Trauma


Communicate your desire to become a mother
to your baby.
Your baby’s soul is searching for you,
What can you tell your baby about yourself?
A baby that loves you unconditionally – is that love reciprocal?

Resilience is the ability to survive trauma in order to be happy.

In these difficult times I think a lot of those who may have suffered during pregnancy.

Take your time to mourn but without becoming paralysed by grief. Think of a waterfall where the clear water tumbles down forming a calm lake from which a stream flows, a symbol that life goes on.

Take advantage of this moment and put your life in order to contribute to others what you as a person can offer, so you can focus your attention on the baby and those who need to see you well. Human qualities bring a lot to the table.

Both oxytocin, the hormone of love and affection, and cortisol, the stress hormone, are transmitted to the baby and affect brain development.

Skin-to-skin, breastfeeding and expressing with your voice can help a lot. Experiencing these tender moments will help you bond with your baby and assist in overcoming any trauma you may have experienced. If your baby is well, it is a joy for everyone around you and that is a great achievement, especially when others let you know. This is so important, there is nothing that can compare.

Be open to receiving any help you are offered to achieve motherhood. A baby is a gift and the result of what has been shared with you.


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