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I would like to try to help you feel empowered to face the challenge of motherhood by building a feeling of being capable of motherhood.

We all know that if we receive affection from our partner or loved ones we feel better, so it is reasonable to think that the same is applicable to a baby and that a child’s development will benefit from affection.

It is necessary to touch upon the gentle side as well as the rough edges of life for they present us with a vital learning tool to cope with life’s difficulties. Remember your baby understands what is going on around it.

It is a well- established fact that babies receive a lot of information during pregnancy and the first minutes of life, hence the importance of skin-to-skin. This will stay with your child and form the basis of their future persona.

It is impossible to always be on top form. Life has its ups and downs and can bring out the worst in you. But if you are conscious of wanting to be positive and you try to be grateful for the good things, you will create a welcoming atmosphere.

Blaming yourself is pointless and only serves to distract you from your goal, because everything is as it should be. Your child may have to face difficulties but difficulties strengthen. Try to be your own spectator and self-observe because what you see in your mind’s eye is what you put there.

Love and forgiveness is a very powerful combination. Saying I love you and I am sorry will touch the other person and stop a situation coming to a head.

Take care of yourself and treasure everything you are doing to become your very best self. Even if you are not perfect you are showing your best intentions towards your baby and your aspiration to be a good mother.


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