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Family memories mean we come into this world as new-borns already with our own personal history, some of which will be inaccessible. It will condition us throughout our lives.

Consider what family legacy you would like to pass on and what you would rather leave behind.

Sometimes, what is passed on ties us down and limits us to being a certain way or into trying to achieve goals that may not be ours, but rather those a parent expects of us.

There is no need to take ownership of your forefathers’ difficulties. You do not directly inherit them but actually repeat past patterns. And you can put a stop to this repetition. Try to remove family barriers and become more able to give love and pass your insights onto your baby.

Pregnancy can be an opportunity to heal your inner child that may have suffered in childhood. You may want to assist this process by learning to care for your child. Take a moment to pause and think about your child’s needs for you will also personally gain from these signs of affection.

Every time you touch your son or daughter’s hand, remember that you are passing all the good in you on to them.

However, babies are born as independent beings. They do not belong to their parents; as parents we are mere guardians. Our duty is to love, protect and educate our child to become a good parent when the time comes.


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