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Motherhood undoubtedly represents a milestone of progress on your personal journey. You are asked to devote yourself to caring for others and to love. Once you see that you have matured as, little by little, you begin to enter into the “role” of being a mother, you will feel more secure on that journey.

Looking after the human side of things in any field enriches our lives.

A lot has changed in the way women are seen today, and their abilities are increasingly underscored and valued.

Women have proven they are capable of being both competent professionals and great mothers.

Independence at the workplace gives women more freedom and less dependence on others.

But it should not be forgotten that a woman’s maternal side also helps her progress as a human being enabling her to love more intensely in all areas of her life.

But to do so, women have to make a tremendous effort to divide their time well, asking for help where needed to achieve quality childcare at the same time as carrying on in their chosen field.


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