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There are mothers who find it difficult to bond with their baby, and often become depressed as a result. They feel guilty for not being truly happy, and at the same time discouraged and frightened by the responsibility that the arrival of a child in their life entails.

This makes them feel even more overwhelmed, alone and misunderstood.

So I want to reassure you that this feeling has happened to other mothers before and that with the right support you can learn to connect with your baby.

It is sometimes difficult not to be afraid, but the importance of motherhood is long-lasting and needs to be worked at.

If we stop to think about what kind of mother we would like, we would probably say tender and loving.

After being accepted and observed tenderness will embrace your child.

If child rearing and discipline are approached with tenderness they will be easier.

Giving tenderness teaches the other person to give it too, and that is a great gift.


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