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Throw off the mantle of victimhood


Hopefully your mother can pass on her insights to you so that you feel capable of mothering and bonding with your baby. But sometimes that is not possible. Maybe she did not receive any insights or knowledge from her mother and is unable to provide you with the courage to become a mother.

Throughout our lives we face difficulties. Sometimes our childhood is scarred by negative behavioural patterns that make it difficult for us to achieve our goals or hinder us from being happy and coming into our own.

Take a look at your life and listen carefully to it. You will experience both happy and sad times, but it is up to you to remain attached to the happier ones.

Throw off the mantle of victimhood and set yourself free.

It is important to find the path that is right for you, that defines you and frees you to gradually become a better mother.

Make space within yourself for light and banish the darkness. Do not look back at the past pain that can trap you.

Take steady steps along your path.


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