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What Being a Mother Really Entails


My role as a mother is the most important role in my life. I am a mother to four children whom I try to care for, protect and support.

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs there is and it is something you never finish. Your children will grow up and they may be parents in the future too, but you will always remain a parent to them.

When a mother questions her destiny or her purpose in life, does she not realise who is on her lap? It is her child.

There is nothing more important for your children than helping them to become people who know right from wrong. If children are brought up with the right values their relationship with their parents and with each other will go from strength to strength.

Many parents worry about the material and practical aspects of raising their children rather than considering how to be a better parent, how to give their children quality time, listen to them, accompany them and be present in what really matters, limiting at the end of the day material and superficial needs because they will not make children happier. This requires striking a balance between your deepest maternal side and the material side of caring.

The most lasting legacy you can leave your children is a memory of parents who loved them, understood them, listened to them and accompanied them throughout their lives, parents who gave them wings to be free but also set limits if they had to. In short made them into happy people.

It is good that we can realise our self-esteem through motherhood, for motherhood helps you mature and maturity is linked to increased self-esteem. You learn a lot about yourself through your relationship with your children. In a way you have been chosen with all your flaws as a parent knowing that you will not be perfect, but you are there for what your child needs to learn.

“Your child loves you before it is born, even if the pregnancy does not go to term”

Children help you attain your life’s true purpose, which is to advance as a person in as many ways as possible and motherhood is precisely one of those ways.


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