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Will I Be Capable?


Don’t get overwhelmed or wonder if you will be a good mother; try every day to get a little closer to your baby. When you look into your son or daughter’s eyes and reach out to touch them you will convey the best of yourself.

Your natural talent at being a mother will awaken the moment you give birth and you will intuitively know what to do. If you have doubts about the practicalities of baby-care, ask for help from a professional but when it comes to how to raise your son or daughter or show them affection, only you and your husband will know how to do that.

You may wish to seek the approval or advice of your family and friends, who have already been parents, but remember to trust your instincts. Above all, don’t compare yourself to anyone else because it will drain you of energy and prevent you from living your pregnancy to the fullest.

Try to rest as much as possible. Rest is very important to see things in a positive way and make the right decisions.


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