Fundación eCare Acompaña, por Elisabeth d'Ornano - La respiración

What place does the arrival of a baby have in your life?

Are you at peace with it?

If you are not at peace, can you do something about it?

Have you really considered the responsibility that comes with being a mother?

Do you see yourself connecting regularly with your baby?

Have you ever visualised the birth?

Do you do anything to allay your fears?

Do you think that babies acquire their defining characteristics during pregnancy and that these continue to develop in the womb?

Do you think we are predestined to contribute to each other and to evolve as a family?

Do you think we are a consequence of previous experiences?

Do you know how human memory is created during pregnancy?

Have you managed to resolve issues that require internal mourning?

Do you think that people are predestined to find each other? Do you think that you and your child are predestined?

Why does a mother’s caress ease pain?

Why are we touched by a child’s smile?

What kind of connection do you have with nature? Do you find nature welcoming?

Is your family, that place where you seek refuge, the most important thing to you?

How do you think you can contribute?

Do you think that when we leave this world what will matter to us is whether we are at peace with our children?

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