About me

I am Elisabeth d’Ornano, I have 4 children who are both part of and the inspiration behind this project.

In 2009 I set up an association to raise awareness of ADHD after experiencing this condition with my son. The association’s website continues to focus on children.

As part of the project, we also addressed the issue of promoting mental health in motherhood. This has led to the creation of the eCare Foundation to accompany and support parents at the beginning of new life.

I have a special interest in this first stage of life because it is when a person is starting to develop. In the end, we are a result of what we have experienced before and we are all unconsciously marked by the pregnancy and birth from which we emerged.

My family supports what I do and the words and watercolours you will see here also motivate my passion to foster affection in motherhood. I hope they will provide you with positive accompaniment on your own journey.

“Passing on a message so women value their role as mothers, helping them create the bonds that contribute to the development of their child and benefit their family is my passion”