Poema La Soledad - Fundación Ecare Acompaña, por Elisabeth d'Ornano


We are never alone in this universe,
we always have a mother and a father
keeping a watchful eye over us wherever we may be.

When you connect with someone
open your heart and gain a friend.

For in the end, the moments that stand out in life are those that enter the soul and stay there forever.

Don’t let knowledge isolate you,
enjoy listening to others.

Share your joys and sorrows,
Take an interest in others.


Poema La Resiliencia - Fundación Ecare Acompaña, por Elisabeth d'Ornano


When we look back at our lives, we always dwell on our childhood.

And see that sometimes there are wounds and low self-esteem stemming from that time.

Your family tried but sometimes failed to highlight your good points, and the girl you were then is now yearning for an embrace.

Let us not repeat the mistakes of the past with our children,
they need to feel that they are a priority,
protected and safe.

The brain is easily damaged,
but with love and care can heal.

A bubble of trust and empathy can be created anew,
because even after trauma the brain’s resilience means it can flourish again.

And give you the opportunity to learn to live once more.


Fundación eCare Acompaña, por Elisabeth d'Ornano


On becoming a mother life gives you
a means of expressing the love
you have within you.

Ideally the vulnerability and perfection
of a baby can help
parents and grandparents love each other
anew and in turn love others.

This love, expressed through childhood, is like the autumn leaf
that gently and slowly floats towards earth

If your love is unconditional, the object of your love is able to improve and approach perfection.

Highlight what is good for children to see.
You will never fully be able to comprehend the fruits
of your dedication to the person
you gave birth to.


Fundación eCare Acompaña, por Elisabeth d'Ornano - Como nos gustaría acompañarte en esta web


A more generous time begins
with an interval of expectation.

A time of sharing, laden with love.

If you have been present at the moments
of greatest value to your baby,
showing unconditional love,
your child will be grateful.

Generosity means letting go of our ego
and wanting to please others.

Your baby is helpless
and needs you.

By mixing self with other
you will benefit from sharing.

Expect nothing,
cultivate inner peace
and hold on to it.

Being generous is precious,
in return you receive a lot from your environment
and being needed
is a reason for living.



“Free yourself from your fears because the talent for motherhood is within you.

When the time comes connect to other women
who have already given birth for they will help bring out the strength you need.

And have hope that life will offer you the birth
that befits you.

All is well.”


protect yourself

“I create a space
where I am protected from the world
and its aggressions.

I do not let the world take over.

I welcome the beautiful
and set the ugly apart.

I protect my baby
and allow myself to be protected.

Words, attitudes and lies
can be harmful.
I try to take care of my emotions,
observing them in order to convey
what I glean from them
to my baby.

I am protected.”



“I am sorry to part from you.

We walked together
and you are and always will be important to me.

I thank you for the time shared,
but I release you in turn.

You have your place in our family
and I hope you understand what separates us.
Life is a learning process,
where we will both move forward
on our respective journeys
but somehow remain forever connected”


Fundación eCare Acompaña - Elisabeth d'Ornano - La respiración


Become aware of your breathing,
feel that you are alive.
Inhale and exhale rhythmically.

Relax, and let your mind go blank.

Welcome your pregnancy.

Live in the present because now is your time.

Familiarise yourself with the moment.

It will bring you closer to your baby, creating a place of peace and connection.

When giving birth use your breathing to connect to your baby,
assisting your child on its journey to you.


the stroll

Mother Earth is welcoming you.
Connect to her and renew who you are.

All the different kingdoms are contained within you.

The animal kingdom provides you with companionship,
and teaches you to help others.
We are attracted to animals
and many are able to show us love.

In the plant kingdom
there are beautiful flowers.
If they receive the nourishment they need
they will sometimes bear fruit.

And the mineral kingdom teaches us to be as solid as a rock,
to support others and forge friendships.


the rose

The wind blows, the seed breaks free and leaves to find
its rightful dwelling place to grow amongst its kin.

It will need the soil’s nutrients and the sun’s warmth.
to survive.

With care it will grow strong and withstand the
weathering and lashing of the elements.

Until a bird comes and sings to the seed and the sky
showers it with hope to flourish
into a perfect, beautiful rose that will spread happiness.



Silence is peace.

With silence,
your mind can process
the noise of others
and the world.

Create a shelter
within you and around you
and listen to what is there.

Listen to what motherhood means to you.

Talk to your unborn child
and avoid all-ignoring silence.

And once in your arms,
enjoy your baby in peace.

Even in silence your child is aware,
of the love you radiate.


Fundación eCare Acompaña - Elisabeth d'Ornano - La gratitud


I am grateful for this pregnancy
because it is a wonderful moment.
It is a time of special sharing with my baby
and those who support me.

A new life will always be
the best gift I receive.

I allow my thoughts to drift and wrap my child in my energy.
I pause, I think my child can hear me and
is thanking me for sharing my love.


Fundación eCare Acompaña - Elisabeth d'Ornano - El parto


I have prepared for the day of your arrival,
but you will have to do your part.

My embrace will remove you from your environment
into a brimming, welcoming world,
where we will be a source of strength for each other.

I am a channel for life.
I let go and surrender to whatever the situation may bring.
From deep within I slowly release you to be born.

I show strength and at the same time femininity,
feeling both a part of the cosmos
and of planet Earth that shelters me.

Today is a beautiful day.



Fundación eCare Acompaña, por Elisabeth d'Ornano - Conciencia Plena


Silence brings peace and tranquillity and is where goodness dwells.

How wondrous to leave space between each word and be receptive to the silence of others.

Listening to nature fills us with tranquillity.

To quiet the mind of unnecessary noise is to meditate.

To remain silent in the company of someone is to know how to love them.