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Interiorizar la maternidad - Fundación eCare Acompaña por Elisabeth d'Ornano

Internalising Motherhood


Sometimes we don’t realise how much motherhood brings us.

Motherhood fosters greater tenderness and calmness, brings us peace that we can pass on to the family. A happy family is the basis for everything.

Motherhood provides us with a mechanism for learning why our children make us continue pushing ahead and why they accompany us throughout our lives. Children mirror some of our faults and that may upset us because we are forced to work on them, but if it were not for our children constantly energising us, those faults would remain unnoticed.

Motherhood makes you more human. Being a good mother or a good father deserves a lot of recognition because it is a journey that lasts to the end of your life and if you travel it well it will bring you the peace of mind you are looking for.


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