blog por Elisabeth d'Ornano

The wait


Be aware that a child is being formed in you to share what you are and wants you to help him find his way in life.

Tell him that you wait for him with open arms,
that your life will join his to strengthen you both.

Keep him in mind every day, take care of yourself to bring him the best.

Tell him that you love him and that everything is fine.

Get rid of your fears,
the gift of being a mother is in you.

When the time comes, connect to other women
that will give birth to draw the strength you need.

You will be assisted at all times, while having an innate knowledge of the situation.

It will be one of the happiest moments of your life,
your gift will be to see his face and be able to hug him.

Have the hope that life will give you birth
what suits you best.

Everything is fine.


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