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Learn from the naturalness of a child


Children develop as a result of what we are as parents, because we are an example for them. From a young age, children imitate their parents and learn to repeat what they hear and what they see. That is why they need respectful treatment.

Children are asked to apologize, but adults should also apologize to their children, because sometimes we make mistakes and we are not always right in recommending the right path that brings out the best in them.

Accept your child, listen to him and see how he can be helped, always trying to see his or her virtues.

The child´s nature is a world in itself and should be learned from them.

Being natural is being happy and being able to express it. Have a light heart and be happy for the good, for the love and the light that the people around you display. Be transparent, try not to hold back and create hapiness around you.

Children act naturally, they do not have prejudices and they reflect the reality of who you are, that means positive and negative aspects within us.


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