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The gift


The transition from pregnancy to the birth of a child brings with it many joys but it can also be the cause of some fears such as the feeling of loss of freedom when you feel that there is a new being in your life who is defenseless without you.

Before becoming a mother, you should think that motherhood is an act of generosity, where your life is no longer just yours but shared with someone who depends on you.

Motherhood should be considered as a gift to oneself, where sharing makes you happy.

Our needs take a backseat, but the satisfaction and love that comes from having a child outweigh everything else.

The first stage in a baby’s life requires more attention in basic care, but it is a short stage that later you will want it not to have passed so quickly.

In the totality of life, childhood occupies a very short place, however children accompany you throughout your life on your personal journey.

On becoming a mother life gives you a means of expressing the love you have within you.

Ideally the vulnerability and perfection
of a baby can help parents love each other
anew and in turn love others.
This love, expressed through childhood, is like an autumn leaf that gently and slowly floats towards earth.

Highlight what is good for children to see.

You will never fully be able to comprehend the fruits
of your dedication to the person you gave birth to.

But if you keep an open heart, you will have made a gift to the world.


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