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Manage Your Emotions


When starting on this journey make sure precautions are taken and the mother-to-be feels supported and respected by someone close to her.

A baby’s development is influenced by the mother’s mental health during pregnancy.

It is therefore of great importance that you try to be as calm as possible and surround yourself with positive people so that you can bring the best of yourself to your baby.

Your ability to bond may depend largely on how you feel emotionally during pregnancy. Bonding starts at this time, when the mother needs to care for her baby but also to be cared for.

Happiness goes hand in hand with balance and that entails putting things in their rightful place and being aware of the importance of creating new life.

Sometimes to really learn what counts and is important in life you have to unlearn what you have learned before.

Living an emotional journey can help you to express feelings that can enrich you in a lasting way.

I believe that we should never hesitate to ask for help if necessary and try to keep a positive attitude in difficult situations to create a favourable environment for the baby’s development.

A good recommendation is to always to be mindful of the baby’s presence within you, since your son or daughter develops together with you and your emotions. In this way you will be able to involve your child and let them know that nothing is their fault.

Find the path that leads you to be positive, praising the good in people and highlighting the good in your life to bring that positive energy to your baby.

Seek your true self and remember that you are never alone.


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