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By consciously awaiting the arrival of her child, a mother appreciates that both she and the baby are growing together. The unborn child enjoys the mother’s quiet time. Mothers deserve a lot of respect for bringing a new, entirely dependent little person into the world.

Professionals should patiently dedicate the necessary time and care for a respectful birth. There are many aspects of motherhood that require sensitivity and time. Gynaecologists and midwives have the important, significant task of assisting the birth in a sensitive and timely fashion, because a child’s birth can condition its future life.

You and your unborn child deserve to be treated in such a way that you are happy to ask questions about the birth and decide freely how you would like to approach it. Every birth is a unique journey and it is good to consider all different birthing options so you are not left disappointed.

If you are pregnant once again, think positively and live in the present. Approach your pregnancy with enthusiasm and think, as your belly grows, about which place would provide you with the security you seek to give birth.

I believe there are different approaches to birth for a reason and each approach plays a role. However, some experts, such as the perinatal psychiatrist Ibone Olza, think that natural childbirth can benefit the baby and have an impact on his or her future life.

Many well-prepared women are able to give birth without drugs, channelling their strong connection with the baby to help during labour.


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