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The Importance of Caring for Children


It is very important to care for your children
because childcare forms the basis of life. I am referring to taking good care of your baby by giving the necessary love so your child benefits from closeness to you. Some women wrap a big cloth around their baby and go off to do their chores.

There would be fewer violent people and hence fewer people in prison if parents took good care of their children. Mental health would improve and psychiatric practices would be less overcrowded. You may not recognise the importance of prevention but when things get out of hand, you will see how its lack gives rise to problems.

Mothers should spend sufficient time enjoying being a mother and transmitting bonds via the senses. Your baby’s tiny heart is able to love you and comprehend a lot about the surrounding context.

At this stage your child’s self-esteem is built if their needs are met as soon as they arise.

You don’t want to skip any part of the process; the pages of a book have to be turned one by one, savouring each special moment because everything goes by very quickly.


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