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La importancia de transmitir amor - - Fundación eCare Acompaña por Elisabeth d'Ornano

The Importance Of Conveying Love


Love is always beside us, holding our hand,
reaching out to us
and loving us.
Through love we will be able to reach out in turn
to those in need.

The very essence of why we exist
is to be able to love.
And if we are able to receive love at the same time
we will become softer.
Sometimes, in order to move forward
we are asked for unconditional love.
We may find that difficult,
but that’s life.

Loving ourselves,
recognising our own worth
will give us the strength to love others.

Express the love inside you.
Bonds are created through
daily emotional connection.
Those around you will be grateful
that you show them you love them
and that you are there for them.

We learn to love by feeling loved,
creating daily care routines
based on affection.


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