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La importancia de las emociones, por Elisabeth d'Ornano

The importance of emotions


Take care of your emotions.

If you have emotional intelligence, you are in possession of and can work on one of life’s greatest strengths. Feeling situations and expressing these feelings through emotions can have either positive or negative effects on others.

A baby develops alongside its mother’s emotions, and mothers should strive to contain their emotions within the limits of a range that is neither too low nor too euphoric, like an expression accompanying a discourse.

Emotions are etched on our soul, enrich us and are lasting. Over time positive ones lead to positive events. Emotions such as empathy, love and compassion benefit people and when negative emotions surface they can be worked upon.

It is not only your own emotions that count but those of others. The emotions of others will arouse emotions in you and others will react to who you are.

Emotion favours personal growth. If you can, take stock of your feelings and de-clutter.


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