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La mente, por Elisabeth d'Ornano

The mind


Our mind can be our ally or it can become our worst enemy. Seek an attentive, caring mind.

And remember, you are not your mind.

Try to take some distance and observe your mind and see which thoughts need to be pushed aside.

Look for a clear mind, which does not concentrate on defects so as not to transmit negativity to your surroundings.

Try to be silent and wish good things for others, if possible through an act of kindness.

Make your mind “the cradle” that collects the feelings of love that come from your heart to your baby.

Be at peace with the beauty, harmony, melody and nature that nourishes your soul and mind.

Awaiting the arrival of your child is even more enriching if your mind is under control rather than wrapped up in conflict. In the end, the mind is nothing more than a medium that channels our feelings and emotions, expressing outwardly what we are.


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