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The state of mind


Life gives rise to situations that you have no choice but to accept.

Fighting against them only induces feelings of fear and anger.

Pregnancy is often unplanned but if you accept that help is available you will be able to cope with the huge challenge of motherhood.

Find an inner retreat and from there pinpoint those mechanisms that contribute to your ability to accept situations.

When someone causes you pain and unease don’t externalise anger but consciously reduce it until it recedes to almost nothing. If you do not allow anger to take hold of you and affect your ego, you will have made a breakthrough.

On arriving home, before rushing to do homework with your child, gauge your state of mind. Learn stillness, inactivity, even if all you do is take a simple nap together.

Do your best to create an inner place you can share with your child where you can wish your son or daughter the best, allowing them flourish and make their way along their own path.


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