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Trust Yourself


Fear is paralysing and can be passed on to your baby. Try to let your baby know that you must take care of each other.

Don’t drown yourself in negative energy because on many occasions there is nothing you can do to dispel it. Distance yourself from distressing thoughts; let them go, because quite possibly the next day they will be irrelevant.

Trust your instincts; you will know what to do when your baby arrives. You have been created for this and your reflexes will surprise you.

You want to offer your baby the best- skin to skin with you for as long as possible and if you are able, to breast feed. When babies are kept close, they thrive.

Just deal with what life brings your way, without being lead astray by assumptions that may not come to pass.

Imagine a ray of spring light entering your room and filling every cell of your being with luminosity making your body pure light.


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