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You will be happier if you realise that what you are to experience in life is both what is right for you and for your own good. It can be hard to accept the path that has been set out for you.

You should try to find your true path in life, the one that leads you to work on whatever remains unresolved. It is the path of good feelings, and of the truth that is beside you.

There is a universal law that defines our important needs. Accepting them will free you from a state of anxiety and from feeling that things are not fair. If you lose a baby, think that he has lived a stage from its beginning until birth that is a very important journey, where your souls shared everything.

There are situations that may seem difficult but in the long run you will have benefited from them. Life unfolds and you live according to what you have lived before, because everything is a consequence of something. You build your person based on the first stage of your life, it is like a ball of wool that is formed wrapping what you learn on your way.

Accept your past, forgive yourself and then move to change whatever requires change. Reconcile yourself to what life sends you and deal with your present calmly, accepting what you cannot change.


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