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I address the issue of motherhood because it is a time I believe to be important, because you are creating life and your body is changing to accommodate it.

When I walk through the park and see a pregnant woman I stop to look at her. I have always enjoyed the figure of an expectant mother. Everything continues and is constantly renewed and giving life to a baby is an act of generosity and love that represents this continuity.

Pregnancy requires great physical and mental effort, but these are months that can transform you as things change, for a new stage in your life begins in which a defenceless being will be in need of you and influenced by you; this calls for reflection.

If positive and loving thoughts are transmitted to your son or daughter, filtering down into them the knowledge that they are expected and wanted, the opportunity for optimum development is increased. The child’s brain is shaped in a more balanced way and self-esteem starts from a better baseline.

The baby is a part of your life and is affected by both positive and negative emotions. In its own way your unborn child understands what is happening. That’s why you should work on minimising the negative, making the best of life and passing that on.

Seek help if you need it.

Life provides us with opportunities to evolve and is laden with beauty to tell your child about.

Take your partner’s hand and touch your belly. Perhaps the baby will reach out and you will make a lasting connection.

Take a walk, take care of yourself and stop to enjoy the quiet moments you can share with your baby. Accept what is coming and look forward to your child finding their own way in life.


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