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The Father Figure


The father figure is often left in the background in motherhood and yet it is frequently fathers who most want to have a child and form a family. This desire can stir parental bonds in fathers in the same way it does in the mother.

If they are more involved right from early pregnancy I believe fathers show increased sensitivity towards new-borns. Many provide emotional support for the mother, helping her to allay her fears and insecurities before the baby’s arrival.

Sometimes the mother finds it difficult to bond with her baby, and it is the father who compensates during this period.

During childbirth, the father can also help, always from a perspective of respect. The father has a protective role, accompanying in silence, without interrupting or hindering the mother’s work. Silence and understanding are synonymous with sensitivity.

However, we need to understand that not all fathers want to be present at the birth. Even if they are not, it is increasingly common for them to help and participate in the care of the new-born, many of them later recognising this time as the most tender stage of their lives.


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