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Your Baby Is Aware


Every day I work on this project to facilitate the beginning of life because what we experience when we are young has repercussions in adulthood.

That is why I attach so much importance to learning how to bond with your baby, as a preventative measure. I try to offer words of advice to make the experience of being a mother as meaningful as possible.

Be conscious of what is to come; don’t wait until birth to meet your baby, feel the kicks, caress your belly, listen to your son or daughter’s heartbeat, watch them during ultrasound scans. In this way, when you meet, your love for your child will be all the more intense.

Enjoy the little details that make every day of your pregnancy special. Try not to rush, slow down and don’t force yourself, it’s your time to rest.

Babies recognise their mother’s voice, are comforted by her smell and benefit from being skin-to-skin. Create the right environment that allows both of you to feel fulfilled.

Find moments of silence and peace, forget emotional problems. “Walk, breathe, listen to the sounds of nature”.

As much as possible try to make your surroundings harmonious and calming for your future baby. This creates protective factors for baby’s mental health.

Create a bubble where you are protected from the world and its aggressions. Don’t let the world take over. Embrace the beautiful and discard the ugly so that your emotions are the most propitious for your baby.

Involve your partner so that when things overwhelm you he or she can understand you better and learn to share the bond to life you have created together.

Learning to bond and nurture your emotions from pregnancy, by talking to and feeling your baby, will yield children who in time will also be able to give love.

Something new is born inside you. In addition to bringing forth a new life, emotions and feelings that should please you will be awakened. If you feel negative emotions do not hesitate to ask for help to release them.


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