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Automatic reactions


Some things we think a lot about, others we act on automatically as a response to shortcomings we may have.

Pregnancy is a state where on the one hand you feel calm but at the same time hormonal changes can mean you will easily be upset.

When you see that the same event repeatedly triggers you to “lose your temper” and that this may affect your family, reflect and try to breathe before you act, because these negative and usually hurtful impulses can create a division between you and your unborn child for some time. It is more reassuring for your child if what originates from you is positive and upsets you as little as possible.

Our personality is always shaped by past pain and this sometimes takes us “to the end of our tether”.

It is important that throughout life we learn to control sometimes “harmful” impulses, so that our children do not imitate negative patterns and are surrounded by as calm an environment as possible.

Let us be extra vigilant and limit the pain we inflict on others by trying to learn positive automatic reactions.

You can learn to recognise the negative things that unconsciously come from you and put a stop to them.

For a peaceful life become more aware of your automatic reactions.


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