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Don’t Be Afraid


You may be afraid of pain during childbirth or of not being able to be a good mother, but try to have faith in yourself to be calmer and trust that you can do it and that others will help you.

To do this, let go of trying to control situations and accept what life brings you. Live in the present, the only time you can really handle.

Try to stay positive and take refuge in a place where the all -time healer, humour is present.
Step away from criticism and establish who you are so that criticism doesn’t take root in your sense of self and upset you. Surround yourself with people who appreciate you because your baby will also feel the love you receive.

The more negative situations we have, the more we have to process them in order to get rid of them. Listen to yourself more until you can pinpoint what you need to reach a neutral state.

Try to slow down when you are pregnant to make life more manageable.

Think about what makes you happy, find a place that is only yours and find peace there.

Talk to your gynaecologist or midwife about your fears and doubts regarding childbirth and they will help allay them. With medical advances everything nowadays is more bearable and it is incredible how women have been created perfectly to be able to give birth. It is the most beautiful thing we will do in our lives. Also tell them about any possible tiredness or sadness making things seem more difficult and affecting your mood.

When you finally meet your baby’s gaze, you’ll realise everything was worthwhile.


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