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As has been said on many occasions, when we use the word prevention what we really mean is health promotion.

Some people are genetically predisposed to certain disorders, and in the case of ADHD, it has been shown that this disorder may stay symptom-free in an environment laden with protective factors.

For children’s mental health to be promoted I would like to stress the importance of these protective factors being present right from the earliest possible moment, almost from conception.

Via proper pregnancy planning and correct channelling of the desire to be parents, prevention can be exercised even before a child is born. This requires there to be care of the couple, allowing each of the partners, both father and mother, to live their parenthood completely, accepting the responsibility of caring for a being that in its early stages is totally dependent.

My main intention is to encourage habits that improve your mental health from the moment you conceive, helping prevent the onset of some of the disorders that cause the most suffering to children.

There is now research and evidence showing that the way a baby develops in the womb affects that child throughout life. According to Vivette Glover, a researcher in perinatal psychobiology at Imperial College London the way the baby develops in the womb depends on the mother’s state, her nutrition and her emotions: “But we have now also realised that a child’s psychological development does not begin at birth but in the mother’s womb”.

To reflect the importance during pregnancy of prevention and the mother’s emotional state, I have decided to launch a new project: the eCare Acompaña Foundation. I aim to use the foundation to serve as a guide, accompanying future mothers and providing them with the support they need to face the fears and anxieties that arise during pregnancy and after childbirth so that they never feel alone.

I hope that through this foundation, I can help prevent or at least cushion the impact of a negative and harmful emotional state on babies.


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